Dog Policy

 Dog Policy:  Just because you are going on vacation does not mean  that you have to leave your furry family member behind. Below details  our dog policy:

  • Dog fee:  A non-refundable dog fee of  $20.00 per night plus tax. Additional fees may  apply if damage is  found in the room upon check out.  No more than 2 dogs are allowed per guest room.

  • Responsibility of dog behavior:  the Lake Wentworth Inn requires a cell  phone number of each dog owner so we  can contact you if needed. Guest must  take the personal  responsibility for the behavior of their dogs during  their stay.  If  a noisy dog disturbs other guests and the Lake Wentworth Inn is put  in a position to discount  due to your noisy dog, you will be responsible for paying the discounted amount.

  • Housekeeping and dogs:  If a dog is unattended in the room, our housekeepers will not enter. 

  • Cleaning up after your dog:  When they poop, please scoop!  If you need additional bags, please ask!

  • Service Dogs:  Service  animals for physical assistance   are not subject to the dog fee.  However, the owner may be liable if  the animal causes any damage.  Service animal ID is required to waive the fee.